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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fabric Journal

Posted by Delia:

We decided that a great way to showcase our finished projects would be put them in a fabric journal. So the next step was to make the base pages of our fabric journal. I happen to have a drop cloth that I purchased at Harbor Freight. We liked the texture and weight of the drop cloth and decided to use it.

Here's the label from the drop cloth.
Leslie is cutting the drop cloth down to size. We decided on approximately 11" by 20" pages that would be folded in half. We are making six pages each to yield a twelve page journal (yeah, we are pretty ambitious).
Here I am sewing away!
Here are the two Virgos!
We needed to sew a seam around the edges of the fabric pages so that they would not fray.

Yay, one down, five more to go! Next we will decide how to bind the pages together.

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